10.12.18 Update

Sadly we had to do another (big) cleanup due to multiple attacks and several users violating our terms of service. As a measure to block obvious abuse (and spam) we've decided to block guest uploads. Our service will still be free of charge, but we will require you to register with a valid e-mail from now on.

10.11.18 Update

32 users with invalid and disposable e-mail adress deleted. A few images been tagged as spam, and removed.

If you are inactive on site, thats fine, but please remember to login once in a while or set a profile picture to avoid cleanups. We are looking into improving the service for 2019, adding a few more benefits to registered users. Please consider reaching out to us if you have suggestion that you think will improve our service.

09.11.18 Maintenance

Minor fixes. Small cleanup of users being inactive 2+ years.

25.05.18 Update

Minor fixes. GPDR compliance implemented.

05.04.18 Update

Bug in upload size limit for registered users fixed.

11.03.18 Update

Minor update. Few fixes, and some visual improvements.